about books on the undergroundWhen you start reading about Books on the Underground, you realise it really is as simple as it sounds. We make sure that there are books travelling the London Underground, to be found by lucky travellers who then read them, and return them to the tube.

Books on the Underground was created in 2012 by Hollie Fraser, but since she moved to NYC (to start Books on the Subway of course!), we are now managed by Cordelia Oxley, who has been involved since early on in our history. Cordelia now runs Books on the Underground, and is supported by a team of Book Fairies.

Books on the Underground’s aim is to get more people in London reading. On an average week, Cordelia and her Book Fairies will put 150 new books around the underground, on seats, benches, station signs, and around ticket areas, accompanied by social media updates. We sometimes even give clues as to where the books will be dropped… 🙂

As well as putting books we read ourselves back onto the tube, we are lucky enough to work with publishers both large and small, as well as film promoters and authors themselves, to bring a wide variety of new and used books to London underground travellers.

We love to hear both from people who have found the books, and those who would like to get involved – as well as publishers interested in running a campaign or two. Get in touch here. If you have some books kicking about at home that you’ve finished, and you’d like to pop them on the tube, just request stickers here.