The Bone Sparrow, Books on the Underground

The Bone Sparrow, by Zana Fraillon

Not even a tube strike could scare off the Book Fairies. Copies of The Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon were dropped at some of the open stations to spread a little Fairy magic.

About The Bone Sparrow

Born in a refugee camp, all Subhi knows of the world is that he’s at least 19 fence diamonds high, the nice Jackets never stay long, and at night he dreams that the sea finds its way to his tent, bringing with it unusual treasures. And one day it brings him Jimmie. Carrying a notebook that she’s unable to read and wearing a sparrow made out of bone around her neck – both talismans of her family’s past and the mother she’s lost – Jimmie strikes up an unlikely friendship with Subhi beyond the fence. As he reads aloud the tale of how Jimmie’s family came to be, both children discover the importance of their own stories in writing their futures.

Who found a copy of The Bone Sparrow?

About Zana Fraillon

Zana Fraillon was born in Melbourne, but spent her early childhood in San Francisco. Zana has written two picture books for young children, a series for middle readers, and a novel for older readers based on research and accounts of survivors of the Forgotten Generation. She spent a year in China teaching English and now lives in Melbourne with her three sons, husband and two dogs. When Zana isn’t reading or writing, she likes to explore the museums and hidden passageways scattered across Melbourne. They provide the same excitement as that moment before opening a new book – preparing to step into the unknown where a whole world of possibilities awaits

If you missed out on finding a copy on the London Underground, you can always order one from Hive, and help support local bookshops at the same time.

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