Darkness on the London Underground

Darkness, by Victoria Sadler

Darkness, by Victoria Sadler descended on the Underground this Friday with some help from the Books on the Underground Book Fairies.

About Darkness

“Any man who takes control of a woman’s rights at any stage of her life is a terrorist.”

The West has fallen – defeated at home by economic collapse and abroad by war and environmental catastrophe. But not everyone wants to rebuild the world the way it was. In the former United Kingdom, a group of female terrorists, RAZR, is seizing the opportunity to destroy the patriarchal state for good. Laura is the sole survivor from her block of flats.

When her attempt to reach safety is sabotaged by a surprise attack from RAZR, she finds herself swept up in their crusade, under the sway of their dangerously charismatic leader, Jane. But is Jane the enemy? Or is she a saviour? And what kind of future is she fighting for? As Laura battles her way through a ruined landscape, she will need to choose whose side she’s on. For in the fog of war, it can be hard to tell light from darkness…

Who found a copy of Darkness?

About Victoria Sadler

Victoria Sadler is a writer who lives in London. Who also blogs for the Huffington Post UK website. Darkness is her second book. Sadler is also a playwright, and a film and television screenwriter.

To find out more about Sadler, her work and Darkness, click here.

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