Frequently Asked Questions

Books on the Underground is as simple as it sounds. It's a London-based project run by two ladies who wanted to share their reads with the world. It's a project which involves authors, publishers, promoters and readers to bring new and used books of all genres to the London underground. Find a book, read it, and leave it back on the tube for someone else to enjoy.
Get in touch here to ask us for stickers to put on your books. We are happy to send you 6 or 12 stickers for free. All we ask is that you share a picture with us by tweeting when you leave it on the tube! If you're a publisher or promoter, we can set up a campaign with you.
We work with authors from around the world, to bring their creations to a London audience. We would love to get your books on the tube, so just get in touch and we can talk about setting up a campaign. It's up to you when we run it, and how many books you can donate.
Yes! We work with publishers large and small, and recently also film promoters (films based on books, such as ROOM & High Rise). The way it works: we discuss the book with you, decide on a campaign day, you tell us which # and @ you'd like us to include in our updates on the day, and you send us the books. From that point, it's all on us to deliver the campaign on the day! We go to many different stations and post a variety of creative updates, including video. Please get in touch to see how we can work together.
The project was started by a lady called Hollie in 2012, who wanted to leave an amazing book she just read, for someone else on the tube. She developed a sticker and started leaving every book on the tube. Soon there was a twitter and tumblr set up, to show where she was going with the books. Publishers soon heard about the project after coverage in the Metro. Soon, requests started coming in for putting new books on the tube. Around this time she was joined by her project partner, Cordelia, who now runs Books on the Underground. Hollie has since moved to New York, where she helps with Books on the Subway, of course!
This is very difficult to answer. Between us, over the last four years, we have probably put around 15,000 books on the tube. On a typical week, we will put around 400 fresh books on the tube.
Hollie started the project in 2012. Now Books on the Underground is run by Cordelia, who has help from some Book Fairies in different corners of London. Our most regular Book Fairies are: Niriksha, Carleanne and Zarina. Say hi over at @BOTUbookfairies on twitter.