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Hippie: A metaphysical pseudo-biography, by Lee Martin

This Wednesday, totally groovy copies of Hippie: A metaphysical pseudo-biography, were hidden throughout the day on the London Tube network.

About Hippie

A book described as being half documentary and half novel about the phenomenon, Hippie is full of humour and anarchy, told by someone who was there. For people who lived through the era and those who want to discover the roots of the music they listen to now, Hippie is a unique story. Very few will have experienced anything like it and, even if they had, not many will be able to remember!

Who found a copy of Hippie?

About Lee Martin

Even at a very young age, Lee Martin demonstrated an independent nature. His outlook on life was to buck the trend. Martin went on the road and travelled to America and the Far East, leading a nomadic lifestyle and acquiring the ability to think for himself.

Upon his return to the UK he decided to write this book but never got around to it until now. Martin mixed with New-Age travellers and got involved in events like the Beltane Bash at the Horse-Drawn Camp. With the spread of family-orientated music festivals, Martin was one of the organisers of the Lakefest in Gloucestershire.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Hippie: A metaphysical pseudo-biography, copies will soon be available to purchase at Hive.co.uk.


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