Ready to Love, Books on the Underground

Ready to Love, by Jon Appleton

The Book Fairies spread the love in London this week by leaving copies of Ready to Love by Jon Appleton on the Underground for lucky travelers to find.

About Ready to Love

In a decade of adulthood, Minna Jepson had had three proper boyfriends, which was neither feeble nor excessive. She went with the tide, but there were gaps when nobody floated her boat, and moments when ‘any port in a storm’ applied. But she wanted to be in love. It wasn’t just because everyone else seemed to have a partner. She was self-sufficient but, well, there were times when she felt not lonely, not needy, but that life would be so much sweeter if there was someone with whom to share it.

Knowing she could love (because she had done so before), she wanted someone else who would, in turn, love her. Minna was a staunch believer in commitment. She considered herself lucky to have parents who were still happy together. Grandparents, too, whose like-minded friends were also in for the long haul. They had rhyming names like Jill and Phil and Ray and Kay – the exception being Paul and Pauline. Her younger sister was partnered constantly, if not consistently. Lisa discarded boyfriends like pairs of tights. She must have worn them in layers, because there was always some new, unladdered lad at the ready. In short, if there was a gene for romantic longevity, Minna hoped she’d inherited it.

Who found a copy of Ready to Love?

About Jon Appleton

Appleton works as an editor, now freelance after 20 years in publishing, working at Scholastic, Orion, Hodder and elsewhere. Finding out first-hand what it takes to make a writing life work, Ready to Love is a self-published debut novel.

If you didn’t manage to get your hands on a copy, you can purchase one from


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