Set Me Free, by Hina Belitz

August was a busy month for Books on the Underground, and on the 25th the Book Fairies were dropping 50 copies of Hina Belitz’s Set Me Free.

About Set Me Free

Mani and Nu. Sister and brother.

Forced to flee their home in fear of their lives, Mani and Nu find themselves in a dark, London flat.

When the worst happens, fate abandons them far from the family who might love them. And so Mani accepts an offer of marriage in hope of finding comfort for Nu … but her dreams of happiness soon evaporate and she is left with no way of revealing the truth about the life she and Nu are leading.

Letters are the answer.

Little by little, Mani reaches out to the world with love … it is only a matter of time before the world reaches back for her.

Who found a copy on the tube?

About Hina Belitz

hina belitz set me freeHina Belitz is a practicing solicitor at specializing in employment law (Partners Employment Lawyers and has degrees from both Brunel University and the University of Law – Guildford. She edited the Penguin Guide to Employment Rights (prefaced by Cherie Booth). Her debut novel, SET ME FREE, explores the impact of an honour killing on the life of seventeen-year-old Mani and her younger brother Nu. SET ME FREE will be published by Headline in 2016.

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