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The Sins of Soldiers, by S.J. Hardman Lea

This week The Book Fairies armed Londoners with copies of The Sins of Soldiers, by S.J. Hardman Lea.

About The Sins of Soldiers

It is 1916 and the war in France is hot and about to get hotter. Embedded undercover in a British infantry regiment on the Western Front, Anson Scott, an American newspaperman, watches, waits and writes his articles in secret, sending them out uncensored for his readers in the USA. But life in the trenches is far from what he had first expected.

As the regiment readies itself for battle, Scott is in ever greater danger. If his real occupation is discovered, he will be shot as a spy. If he antagonises Tollman, he risks his own life. If he allows himself to become close to Beatrice, he will lose his one great friend. But then there is also David Alexander himself, who is pursuing his own highly dangerous obsession. Soon the opposing forces of love and hate are every bit as dangerous as the enemy gunfire, and the great battle on the Somme grows ever closer.

Finally, the intensities of hope and fear cannot be evaded… The Sins of Soldiers is a captivating tale of love, loss and the First World War. It will particularly appeal to those interested in the period and the human impact that occurred as a result of war.

About S.J. Hardman Lea

Simon Hardman Lea is an obsessive observer, a cynical romantic who writes a series of novels set in and around the First World war – not necessarily war stories, more stories about how men and women react to extreme pressure and altered circumstance.

In the real world, he is also an eye surgeon and medical history enthusiast, currently living and working in the UK.

Missed out on a copy of The Sins of Soldiers? You can buy a copy from AND support your local and independent book sellers at the same time, genius!

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