Tigeropolis, by R.D. Dikstra

The Book Fairies enjoy half term as much as the next person – and when the tube is full of families discovering museums and other London attractions, we often have the chance to put children’s books out there on the London Underground!

This half term we shared 30 copies of Tigeropolis, by R.D. Dikstra, for lucky travellers to discover! One of us even broke cover and handed a copy directly to a parent of a young boy – who was thrilled!

About Tigeropolis

Beyond The Deep Forest – Book 1

An idyllic life is under threat when the tigers discover their forest is for the chop. It’s been their home for as long as anyone can remember. Faced with such a threat they have to use all their ingenuity to find a way to save their beloved Tigeropolis.

There’s a fun Tigeropolis website for children too!



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