Unravelled, by Anna Scanlon

On Wednesday 26th October, the Books on the Underground team had 20 copies of Anna Scanlon‘s book Unravelled.

Unravelled and Books on the Underground

About Unravelled

‘Unravelled’ by Anna Scanlon is the story of Aliz and Hajna, Hungarian Jewish twins, and their family during World War II. The family are packed off to Auschwitz, the most notorious of all the Jewish concentration camps, where all manner of horrors await them and the twins are subjected to inhumane experiments by Dr Mengele.

About Anna Scanlon, in her words

“My name is Anna and I’m an author and American PhD student living and working in the United Kingdom. I’ve created this blog to showcase some of my favorite things, which include traveling, make-up, writing, fashion and beauty and my shih tzu, Eugene. As a self-published best selling author, I can show you how you can achieve the same success.”

Joining the London Underground

unravelled - books on the underground

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