Why Is Shakespeare Still Relevant Today?

Though William Shakespeare has been dead for centuries, his works have continued to be produced and studied. In fact, his work has influenced many modern works and even popular culture. This essay will explore why Shakespeare’s work is still relevant today and how it impacts our culture in a meaningful way.

Why is the Bard still relevant? It’s a question that comes up again and again: why is Shakespeare still relevant today, and how is his writing still impacting modern writers?

Shakespeare Wrote in a Unique Way

The answer lies in the unique way that Shakespeare wrote. While in Elizabethan England, the genre of theatre got mainly focused on spectacle, Shakespeare’s works focused on the dialogue between characters and the thoughts going through their heads. This change in focus from outward appearance to inward emotion allowed for a more personal connection to be felt by audience members.

This new perspective on writing greatly influenced playwrights after William Shakespeare and gets seen throughout modern literature. In fact, it can even get argued that some of Shakespeare’s most famous works of all time, including Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet, have influenced many modern authors.

His Work Offers Inspiration to Many

Hamlet Is A Great Example Of A Inspiring Piece Of Shakespeare’s Work
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No matter where you find yourself, you can always find inspiration in Shakespeare. Whether it’s the language, the complexity of the characters, or the story and plot, Shakespeare’s writings are still running strong today. In fact, there are many modern plays that have been adapted from Shakespearean works. But why is this? And how does his work still impact our society today?

Shakespeare Focused on Relevance

The Bard was born in 1564 and died in 1616, but his works are still relevant today. In fact, researchers have found that Shakespeare’s plays can get found in modern works of literature. The ability to write so well that his influence remains centuries later is an incredible feat.

Besides being born centuries ago, He’s the most famous playwright of all time, from a time when plays were performed by actors on stages and written in verse. He wrote 37 plays, including tragedies like Julius Caesar, comedies like Much Ado About Nothing, and histories like Henry V. People still study His writing today as part of English Literature courses, but why? What makes him so relevant?

He motivates modern writers to do better. Many authors have cited Shakespeare as an influence on their work. Some have even used similar plots or characters in their own stories. He’s still popular today because his writing was exquisite while he lived and is still excellent now, 400 years later. He often had clever or funny lines that people enjoy quoting. He wrote about common themes, uncommon, forcing people to think about familiar ideas in new ways.

His Work Reflects Current and Future Issues

Many people in the modern world feel that William Shakespeare’s plays, sonnets, and poems are outdated or irrelevant to their lives. However, a closer look reveals that there are many ways in which Shakespeare’s works have impacted society today.

Shakespeare’s works were really important because of the new genres he wrote in: tragedy, comedy, and historical drama. He was also important because he wrote plays that reflected the values of his audience. The main reason his work is still relevant today is because of the themes of his plays, like power, corruption, fate, and justice.

How Does Shakespeare’s Work Impact the Society Today?

Shakespeare has affected our culture and society in many ways. The works of Shakespeare have deeply influenced literature, music, and theatre. We often refer him to as the “Father of English literature.” His work is so widely known that people who are not even familiar with his plays or sonnets will still recognize a reference to one of his famous lines.

Shakespeare’s skill as a poet is unquestionable. Few other authors could write the way he did or have ever come close to matching his talent. His usage of language and ability to form words into something beautiful and moving is unparalleled even today.

What’s more, Shakespeare’s works have also inspired many artists in other fields to incorporate aspects of his work into their own creations. Many movies over the years have referred to Shakespeare’s work either directly or indirectly. Even works that are unrelated to Shakespeare may still contain elements of his style and ideas, whether intentionally.

Shakespeare Ushered a New Era for Theatre

But perhaps most importantly, Shakespeare’s plays were important in that they helped usher in a new era for theatre, one that was more accessible to the general public than previous eras had been. Shakespeare’s plays provided an alternative for the common folk who could not attend a live cinema.

His Writing Shows How History Repeats Itself

The other way Shakespeare’s work has impacted today’s society is by showing how history repeats itself in different situations through his writings. Many of his plays are based on history or mythology which is an important part of our past that still affects us today in some way.

One example of this is Macbeth which is based on the historical figure Macbeth who was a king that ruled Scotland for seventeen years after murdering King Duncan and taking power by force. Another play that does this well is Othello which is based on the story about Othello.

People Can Understand Each Other Through Translation

One of the major ways his work impacted the world was by helping people understand each other through translation. Even though Shakespeare wrote in English, some of his plays got translated into other languages such as Spanish, Italian, French, and German.

One example is Romeo and Juliet. Although it got originally written in English, people have translated it into many languages. This helps people who speak different languages around the world understand each other because they can understand the story that is being told through translation.

His Work Resonates Well with People of All Ages

Statue Of Shakespeare In Stratford-Upon-Haven
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Many people believe that Shakespeare’s work is too complicated for children to understand; however, his stories resonate with people of all ages. There is also a lot to learn from his characters’ actions and mistakes that can shape our own behaviour as we grow up and mature.


Shakespeare also influenced government policies and politics throughout history. According to The Guardian, Nazi Germany sought to censor his works for what was perceived as Jewish influences. Likewise, the Soviet Union censored his works for their anti-communist themes.

In addition, several political activists have drawn inspiration from Shakespeare’s works; among them was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who would often quote from Shakespeare’s works during speeches

In Conclusion

The Bard is certain to remain apart of our culture and remain relevant for many years to come, his influence on modern cinema and other media is prevalent and guaranteed to inspire any artist.

William Shakespeare is possibly the UK’s greatest export, as no matter what country and what age. His works have impacted peoples lives in ways that they can’t even comprehend.

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