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Books on the underground

As simple as it sounds. Books are travelling on the London Underground Tube Network; just waiting to be read.

We hide books every day, both old and new.

We are lucky enough to work with so many amazing publishers, authors and film promoters to bring Literature, arts and media to London commuters.

When you start reading about Books on the Underground, you realise it really is as simple as it sounds. We make sure that there are books travelling the London Underground, to be found by lucky travellers who then read them, and return them to the tube.

We Provide the books. you supply the memories across london.

Reading is the key to the imagination. At any age, we can all get into a new book and it can change the way we think about certain things. From life to psychology, to autobiography. Although everyone is different, we are all bound together by stories of a common nature. This is why Books on the Underground is so vital.

Great books. Amazing authors. Beautiful stories.

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We love to hear both from people who have found the books, and those who would like to get involved – as well as publishers interested in running a campaign, so get in touch using the form below!